Our security experts take a holistic approach to security and assess your processes, policies, and systems and give you the guidance you need to protect your business.

We will help you select, install, monitor, and maintain your servers, firewalls, and virtual private networks (VPN) so that you can focus on managing your business. Our architects and engineers have hundreds of certifications in industry leading technology solutions from vendors including Cisco, Palo Alto, Juniper, Extreme, Fortinet, Splunk, and Aruba.

Take advantage of Meridian’s deep expertise and benefit from an intelligent, integrated, and scalable cyber-security solution without making changes to your existing infrastructure.

Identify the risks and vulnerabilities in your environment

Protect your business

Backup and Recovery Optimization

Meridian’s proprietary backup optimization solution, dsmEZ, helps you significantly increase the level of automation for backup and recovery and at the same time considerably simplifies storage management. By leveraging your existing investments in Veeam backup or IBM Spectrum Protect and the scalability of Meridian’s proprietary dsmEZ solution, you can have an elegant backup platform that provides a higher return on investment and reduces backup and recovery times from days to hours.

Faster Backups

Large amounts of unstructured data in the terabyte and petabyte range can be backed up overnight and restored in hours, instead of days.

Simplify Administration

dsmEZ is simple to install, monitor, and operate. Data format, scheduling, and reporting are identical to your existing Veeam backup or IBM Spectrum Protect backup jobs.

Unlimited Scalability

Scale across virtually an unlimited number of client machines and backup any file server, handling data in the terabyte and petabyte range with ease.

Optimize Your Resources

dsmEZ continuously optimizes its own configuration in order to make optimal use of your resources, including CPU, RAM, and scan depths.

Free Your Staff

Fully managed services allow you to focus your resources on growing and managing your business.

Free Your Staff

Meridian’s backup and recovery experts will listen to you first and then will develop a strategy that meets your specific needs.


Subjecting Your Company to Unnecessary Risks


Living in Fear



Meridian’s Security Infrastructure Services Solve the Following Challenges:

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