Protect your business by leveraging Meridian’s comprehensive managed security solutions.

With Meridian as your managed security service provider (MSSP), incidents are detected and responded to quickly so recovery time, costs, and damage to brand reputation are kept at a minimum.

Meridian’s holistic approach to security shields your IT infrastructure from today and tomorrow’s threats.

Identify the risks and vulnerabilities in your environment

Secure your business today


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As the threat landscape evolves, protecting your business with an in-house security team becomes more difficult and expensive. The security experts at Meridian will improve your security profile while lowering your total costs with our monitoring service.

Lower Costs

Meridian’s managed security model lowers your costs compared to expanding your in-house security team or purchasing expensive hardware and software.

Improved Protection

Meridian’s advanced technology and certified security experts will enhance your security profile and protect your business.

Expand Your Security Team

Give your security team access to decades of security expertise, or fully outsource your enterprise security to Meridian.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Meridian’s advanced security technology constantly monitors your environment and is supported by our certified security experts.

Detect Known and Unknown Threats

Meridian’s advanced technology for network security enables us to detect known and unknown threats in your environment as they happen.

Mutually Defined Runbooks and Processes

We work with you to define a best-in-class monitoring and response strategy that meets your unique needs.

Proactive Vulnerability Management

Prevent threats before they start with vulnerability management from Meridian’s security experts.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Our firewall remote monitoring and management provides comprehensive network security and prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your systems.

Resolve Threats Quickly

Meridian’s certified Incident Response team responds quickly to protect your environment.

Log Management and Compliance Reporting

Meridian provides audit guidance, simplifies log management, and generates compliance reports for your cloud or dedicated environments.

Customized for You

Meridian’s consultative approach means that we listen to you first and then implement the best security monitoring solution for your business.

Incident Response

To fully protect your company, you not only need to detect threats, but be equipped to eliminate them. Meridian’s Incident Response team has decades of experience with network security and is on hand 24/7/365 to respond to your security threats. Techniques including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing will help detect and eliminate threats quickly and thoroughly while keeping your business operational.

Mutually Defined Runbooks and Processes

We work with you to define a best-in-class monitoring and response strategy that meets your unique needs.

24/7/365 Enhanced Threat Detection

Your environment is monitored around the clock using advanced technology to detect and analyze threats.

Tailored Response Teams

When a threat is detected, response teams are quickly dispatched based on your company’s needs and the nature of the threat.

High Touch Response

Meridian is an extension of your team and will keep you engaged as we work to resolve the threat.

Decisive Containment

Rapidly isolate and contain threats to contain damage and prevent the threat from spreading throughout your environment.

Backup and Recovery

Return your business to normal operations quickly with Meridian’s industry leading Backup and Recovery services.

Eliminate Threats

Threats are tracked down and eliminated by our certified security experts.

Prevent Future Incidents

After a threat is eliminated, preventative measures including penetration testing and ongoing vulnerability assessments are implemented to prevent future incidents.

Customized Just for You

Meridian’s consultative approach means that we listen to you first and then we design the best incident response plan for your business.

Vulnerability Management

Sprawling infrastructure, increased compliance scrutiny, and more sophisticated threats mean that you need a comprehensive solution to fully protect your company. Meridian’s Vulnerability Management Service is a robust end-to-end identification and remediation service that leverages sophisticated vulnerability assessments, intelligent reporting, audit guidance, and patch management to defend your company and achieve compliance.

Holistic Approach

We review your entire IT security posture including your enterprise architecture, security policies, and processes to understand your complete risk profile.

Fast and Comprehensive Scans

Internal and external vulnerability assessments with best-in-class tools ensure the highest level of discovery.

Advanced Reporting for Clear Visibility

Access to on-demand reporting tools provides instant visibility into vulnerability levels, patch levels, and asset and application inventories.

Intelligent Risk Prioritization

With automated asset classification and risk prioritization, you’ll be able to assess and manage risks more effectively.

Simplify Patch Management

Meridian uses sophisticated tools to install, patch, and update your systems to ensure they are never left unprotected against the latest vulnerabilities.

Intuitive Web Portal

On-demand insight into the security of your servers, workstations, and network devices.

Ongoing Coverage

Meridian provides ongoing vulnerability assessments and proactively advises on key threats as they emerge so as the environment changes, you can react accordingly.

Audit Guidance and Compliance Reporting

Meridian provides audit guidance, simplifies log management, and generates compliance reports for your cloud or dedicated environments.

Built Just for You

Meridian’s consultative approach means that we listen to you first and then we design the best vulnerability management plan for your business.

Next-Gen Endpoint Security

The increasing number of endpoints and growing sophistication of attackers makes it difficult to protect your company. With Meridian’s Next-Gen Endpoint Protection Services, you can rest assured that new and evolving threats are identified from all of your endpoints. This gives you a complete picture of ongoing threats and enables our incident response team to eliminate and mitigate threats quickly.

Next-Gen Security

With the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and behavior analysis, you are protected against all stages of an attack.

Real-Time Monitoring

24/7 real-time monitoring and expert analysis of your security infrastructures across firewalls, IDS/IPS, host/endpoint security, and various security appliances.

Unknown Threat Detection

Traditional methods can only detect known threats, but next-gen endpoint security detects suspicious behavior to detect unknown threats automatically.

Resolve Threats Quickly

Meridian’s certified Incident Response Team responds quickly to protect your environment and eliminate threats.

Lower Costs

Lower internal labor costs and minimize the time spent managing your security by leveraging Meridian’s security experts and advanced technology to manage the protection of your endpoints.

Complete Visibility

We combine multilayered defenses, machine learning, and human-backed intervention so you have constant visibility and comprehensive coverage across your entire network.

Scalable Protection

Scalable network protection that evolves alongside your business.

24/7/365 Expert Support

Extend your team with Meridian’s Next-Gen Endpoint Security experts.

Power Watch

Security threats are on the rise and compliance audits are becoming more rigorous. Ensure that your IBM Power Systems are secure and compliant with Power Watch from Meridian. Power Watch is a managed security service provided by Meridian's IBM security experts leveraging industry-leading Power System security tools to provide complete protection of your IBM Power environment across multiple Operating Systems (IBM i, AIX, Linux, and Red Hat).

Minimize Costs

Minimize your capital investment, control operating costs, and only pay for what you protect with our pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Ensure Compliance

Spend less time reviewing reports, give auditors the information they need, and identify security issues with software that makes compliance reporting simple.

Military-Grade Encryption

Transfer data over our secure network and protect your company from hackers and ransomware with AES 256 bit military-grade encryption.

Control User Access

Secure your systems by managing user privileges and access to sensitive data – without getting in the way of productivity.

Simplify File Transfers

Simplify, secure, and automate all your enterprise file transfers through a single intuitive interface.

Stop Malware

Prevent viruses and malware from spreading and protect files with anti-virus software that runs natively on your IBM i, AIX, and Linux servers.

Secure Your Systems

Monitor your system for unauthorized changes, so security threats can be detected and removed before mission-critical data is damaged or exposed.

24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

Your systems are monitored 24/7/365 and supported by expert IBM engineers that are ready to act so that you avoid costly downtime.

Free Your Staff

Fully managed services allow you to focus your resources on growing and managing your business.

Built Just for You

Meridian’s consultative approach means that we listen to you first and then we architect a solution that meets your specific needs.

DDoS Mitigation and Web Application Firewall (WAF)

There were more than six billion cyberattacks yesterday. It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when” you will become a target of a cyberattack. Take advantage of Meridian’s deep expertise and benefit from an intelligent, integrated, and scalable solution without making changes to your existing infrastructure. Combining Meridian’s managed services with industry leading Cloudflare cybersecurity solutions, mProtect Secure™ is a new way to protect your mission-critical web applications. Be confident that your websites and applications are safe from cyber threats with mProtect Secure™.

Avoid Cyber Threats

Intelligent routing bypasses problems in real time.

Protect Your Systems With Confidence

Automatic protection through machine learning.

Strengthen Your Security

Firewall, DDoS protection, bot management, and more.

Increase Performance

Stunningly fast processing in 0.3 ms with instant global updates.


One of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world that resolves 647 billion DNS queries every day.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense

Protection for different types of services without disrupting or weakening the existing performance on the websites and within the networks.

Protect Your Applications

Continuously updated Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects against insidious attacks designed to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

An intelligent, integrated, and scalable solution to protect your mission-critical web applications from insidious attacks.

Real Time Visibility

Our proprietary integration of Cloudflare with Splunk enables you to gain world class visibility into your security framework and defenses.

Meridian’s Managed Security Services Solve the Following Challenges:


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