Michelle Fuller


Oxford Cancer Biomarkers (OCB) was founded in 2012 with the goal to enable early prediction of cancer and advance the accuracy of cancer treatment. The company finds and develops biomarkers, a biological parameter that provides insight into a patient’s clinical state by using platforms with bio-marker based technology.

OCB partnered with Meridian to deploy IBM PowerAI Vision on IBM Power Systems™ servers so that it could efficiently and accurately analyze images of tumors and determine the risk of cancer in patients.

“As soon as we met the IBM and Meridian teams, we felt that our knowledge complemented theirs: OCB could provide the clinical background, while IBM and Meridian knew how to adapt leading-edge technology to our use case,” said David Browning CEO of OCB. “Both IBM and Meridian IT are at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation, so we knew that they were the right partners to come on this journey with us,” he added.

By running IBM Power Systems AC922 on servers hosted by Meridian IT, Oxford Cancer Biomarkers can utilize deep learning and artificial intelligence workloads to bring leading-edge precision diagnostic tests to patients worldwide. Partnering with IBM and Meridian has reduced the time it takes to deliver value to patients from months to hours and generate revenues sooner, enabled new standards of care, and accelerated scaling and deploying of the solution globally. The company is now exploring how this solution can be applied to breast and prostate cancers.

Read the full case study here.

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