Greg Jehs


Enterprise cloud backup and recovery solutions are essential to help your company recover as quickly as possible from an outage. The longer it takes your company to get back online after an outage, the greater the impact to your company’s bottom line. According to a 2014 study by Gartner, the average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute.

Outages can result from misconfiguring hardware and applications, failing to properly secure your infrastructure or a natural disaster. Enterprise cloud backup solutions are effective at mitigating the risk of downtime, but not all backup recovery plans are created equal.

Traditional backup and recovery plans rely on off-site physical servers acting as carbon copies of your production infrastructure, with traffic being re-routed to the backups in the event of a disaster. This backup strategy is costly, requiring significant investments in hardware and networking. The backups can be effective in recovering your system in case of server or site failure, but backups alone do not make a complete DR plan. A traditional backup strategy is resource-intensive and can result in data loss from the time the backup was taken and the time your systems are fully restored.

Incorporating virtualization into your enterprise cloud backup and recovery strategy can help to minimize data loss and recovery time. Virtualization has largely simplified the recovery process by consolidating entire server environments into single virtual Machines (VMs) that contain an OS, applications, policies, and data. A virtualized strategy is more cost-effective and flexible than a traditional strategy as there is no need for dedicated hardware and costs are shared across many other companies.

In the past, new servers were needed to be allocated for new applications. Now, virtual servers can run multiple OSs and applications, which reduces hardware costs and optimizes software deployment and data backups. A switchover to backup can be automated, minimizing the downtime and getting your business back online as quickly as possible.

Commvault backup solutions allow you to recover your data rapidly and easily, and provide detailed analytics to help you continually improve your processes. Commvault enables you to back up your databases, files, applications, endpoints, and VMs with maximum efficiency according to data type and recovery profile. By migrating your core operations to the cloud along with using Meridian’s Commvault backup solutions, there is no need to stress over maintaining your systems.

With Meridian’s Commvault backup and recovery solutions, ensuring that your business is protected from disaster is simpler than ever. Are you confident in your backup and recovery strategy? Don’t wait for a disaster to happen to find out. Call +1 (888) 684-3644 or send an email to today.