Meridian's Data and Analytics experts provide consulting services that consolidate siloed data sources, optimize your databases, and apply industry-leading insight and technology to unlock the power of your data.

Many companies are flying blind, with departments trying to piece together siloed data in order to support their customers and identify new opportunities for products and services. In fact, only 34% of executives agreed they had a single view of their customer aggregated from all of their systems and applications data.1 Mismanaged data leads to uninformed decisions, limited customer insights, increased costs, and lost revenue potential.

Make faster and more confident decisions, lower costs, and deliver more value to your customers with Meridian’s Data and Analytics Services.

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Making Poor Business Decisions


Uncertainty About the Customer Experience


Operating Without a Roadmap

Data and Analytics

Centralize fragmented data from across disparate databases so that you can tap into the true power of your data.

Identify Growth Opportunities

Combine centralized data, best-in-class tools, and analytics expertise to unlock new insights to drive innovation in your products and services.

Single View of the Customer

Centralize data, integrate applications, and implement predictive analytics so that you can deliver more value to your customer with every interaction.

Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Track the right metrics, optimize your analytics technology stack, and leverage intelligent dashboards and reports to help you make smarter decisions, faster.

Advanced Data Collection

Collect and generate the data that matters most to you, including customer transactions, server logs, and data from IoT devices.

Scalable Data Analytics

Deploy the right-sized environments for your data volumes and workloads, and be confident that as data volumes grow, capacity can be added quickly and seamlessly.

Lower Costs

Optimize and consolidate your databases to remove unnecessary licensing and hardware costs.

Cloud Migration Experts

Meridian’s cloud migration experts will ensure a smooth and secure cloud migration that will enable you to lower costs and scale with ease.

Built Just for You

Meridian’s consultative approach means that we listen to you first and then we architect data and analytics solutions that meet your specific needs.

Meridian’s Data and Analytics Solutions Solve the Following Challenges:


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