Michelle Fuller


We’re constantly waiting: in line at the grocery store, in traffic during the daily commute, and on-hold with customer service. Waiting during system buffering should not be added to this list. Your customers expect a fast and smooth experience with constant availability and instant responses. A Google study revealed that every second truly counts, as 53% of users on mobile devices will abandon the site if it does not fully load in three seconds or less. With users requiring optimal application performance, there must be no lag when it comes to visiting your site.

Stalled systems don’t solely impact the end consumer. The lack of timely information can cause decrease productivity, increase costs, and cause frustration amongst your workforce. Network performance issues result from overall latency and bandwidth, or in other words, how much data can be processed in a given time. These delays most likely originate from the configuration of your entire IT ecosystem. Fine-tuning the setup of your database design, including SQL performance tuning and SQL query optimization, will significantly diminish latency and increase the availability of data.

Without the resources and the implementation of best practices databases can easily become bloated and networks overly congested, slowing your company to a crawl. A poorly performing database affects slows down queries and business applications, which can ultimately put you at a competitive disadvantage. With database optimization and consolidation from the experts at Meridian, your business will receive a boost in performance and prepare you to scale in the future. We have outlined the advantages of SQL performance tuning and SQL query optimization below.

1. Obtain Greater Performance

Database performance tuning identifies bottlenecks and issues in your data architecture and database configuration. The result is a detailed report on how to best optimize your database applications and the overall environment. The experts at Meridian will walk you through a comprehensive review of your database and what improvements will have the greatest impact on performance. With thorough SQL performance tuning, your business will benefit from increased workflow, efficiency, and user productivity.

2. Reduce Time Spent on Database Management and Support

Database optimization requires valuable time and resources for your company to manage. It is also prone to human error, as employees need the skills and expertise to locate and correct underperforming queries. At Meridian, we have the expertise to do the heavy lifting for you. We will evaluate the quality of your database architecture, identify and implement recommended changes, and test the changes to ensure performance. Once proper SQL performance tuning has been completed, your applications and overall computing environment will run efficiently. With a properly optimized database, you will reduce your costs, increase the speed of your business applications, and keep your team focused on value-added activities.

3. Lower Costs

In addition to making your business applications perform optimally, you can also lower costs by consolidating your database environments to lower your operating costs. You may be unaware that you are overpaying for your database licenses, especially if you have a complex environment. It is important to perform an audit of your licenses with the help of an experienced partner who will show you how to properly consolidate your licenses to reduce your costs.

4. Increase Scalability

Optimization inherently yields better scalability. A scalable database efficiently handles increasing amounts of data and is made possible with the proper design of the data architecture. It can be challenging to achieve complete scalability with an on-prem data center, as you are dealing with physical hardware constraints. While the cloud can provide more options to scale, you still must focus on the proper design to make sure you are prepared for future growth. No matter your environment, Meridian can make your on-prem or cloud systems more efficient through performance tuning and SQL query optimization.

5. Increase Agility

Database query optimization is finding the method of processing a query in the most optimal and shortest amount of time while eliminating large variances in time. This process can be complex but it is worthwhile. With faster query processing time comes added IT agility, allowing your organization to respond quickly and transform as the market changes. After SQL performance tuning, you and your staff will be left with more time to focus on the strategic value-adds of your business.

Database consolidation and optimization is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, so it is wise to rely on an experienced third party to guide you through the process. Meridian’s team of database experts will help you architect and implement a customized solution that best meets your needs. Make the first step to optimizing your business and Call +1 (888) 684-3644 or send an email to sales@themeridian.com to speak with one of our experts.