Today’s IT systems are far more complex and more difficult to secure than ever before.

With the rise of organised cybercrime, organisations are struggling to prevent ever increasingly sophisticated attacks using traditional defensive technologies.

Meridian has been delivering data security solutions for over 20 years and has the services required to combat cybercrime and deliver data protection compliance.

Meridian provides services which address the threat from malicious activities designed to impact a business’ profitability and integrity and deliver compliance with regulatory standards for data protection.

Meridian’s holistic approach to security shields your IT infrastructure from today and tomorrow’s threats.

Addressing the threat from malicious activity and delivering compliance.

Managed Cyber Security Services and Managed Compliance Services.

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Compliance Issues


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As the threat landscape evolves, protecting your business with an in-house security team becomes more difficult and expensive. The security experts at Meridian will improve your security profile while lowering your total costs with our monitoring service.

Lower Costs

Meridian’s managed security model lowers your costs compared to expanding your in-house security team or purchasing expensive hardware and software.

Improved Protection

Meridian’s advanced technology and certified security experts will enhance your security profile and protect your business.

Expand Your Security Team

Give your security team access to decades of security expertise, or fully outsource your enterprise security to Meridian.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Meridian’s advanced security technology constantly monitors your environment and is supported by our certified security experts.

Vulnerability Management

Sprawling infrastructure, increased compliance scrutiny, and more sophisticated threats mean that you need a comprehensive solution to fully protect your company. Meridian’s Vulnerability Management Service is a robust end-to-end identification and remediation service that leverages sophisticated vulnerability scanning, intelligent reporting, audit guidance, and patch management to defend your company and achieve compliance.

Holistic Approach

We review your entire IT security posture including your enterprise architecture, security policies, and processes to understand your complete risk profile.

Fast and Comprehensive Scans

Internal and external vulnerability scanning with best-in-class tools ensure the highest level of discovery.

Advanced Reporting for Clear Visibility

Access to on-demand reporting tools provides instant visibility into vulnerability levels, patch levels, and asset and application inventories.

Intelligent Risk Prioritization

With automated asset classification and risk prioritization, you’ll be able to assess and manage risks more effectively.

Simplify Patch Management

Meridian uses sophisticated tools to install, patch, and update your systems to ensure they are never left unprotected against the latest vulnerabilities.

Intuitive Web Portal

On-demand insight into the security of your servers, workstations, and network devices.

Ongoing Coverage

Meridian provides ongoing vulnerability assessments and proactively advises on key threats as they emerge so as the environment changes, you can react accordingly.

Audit Guidance and Compliance Reporting

Meridian provides audit guidance, simplifies log management, and generates compliance reports for your cloud or dedicated environments.

Built Just for You

Meridian’s consultative approach means that we listen to you first and then we design the best vulnerability management plan for your business.

Meridian’s Managed Security Services Solve the Following Challenges:

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