Meridian is a leading provider of Red Hat solutions and services. Our experienced experts provide support to businesses wishing to deliver applications either on premise or in the cloud on a Linux platform.

Meridian is a leader in delivering Digital Innovation for businesses. Software Services is at the core of the IT Managed Service which means our Software Engineers and Consultants deliver applications, development, and operations in conjunction with Multi Cloud management.

The result for customers is enhanced innovation with decreased development time, delivering more efficient application development and deployment.

Press Release: Meridian IT Named Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

Red Hat

Meridian's Red Hat Services help you reduce development time and increase innovation, so that you can focus on delivering exceptional customer value.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Build the foundation to run your workloads wherever you want.

Cloud-Native Development

Adopt tools and techniques to create better applications.

Automation and Management

Automate rote work and free your teams to focus on customers.

IT Optimization

Modernize legacy systems or migrate to more current ones.

Agile Integration

Unify data from diverse sources and use it to serve customers.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and IT Optimisation Workshop


The discussions will all be around your business requirements. Gaining a full understanding of your current challenges and aspirations for the development of your business, we will design recommendations around a discussion framework of:

  • Platform modernisation
    • Standardisation and consolidation of systems
    • Increasing efficiency
    • Preservation of security and simplicity
  • Meeting system configuration challenges
  • Addressing a higher demand for quality control and oversight
    • Compliance and governance
  • Delivering agility
    • Find and fix issues before they affect your business


Agile Integration Workshop



For this workshop we will focus on how different software applications, services, APIs, data and devices all connect to improve process efficiency. The focus for recommendations will centre around:

  • Automation of business process delivery
    • The need for real-time and consistent data across all platforms
  • Timely delivery of accurate information to users and customers
    • The desire to improve your user experience across multiple interfaces
  • Measuring API use & effectiveness
  • The demand challenge of multiple application delivery
    • And the desire to adopt new SaaS applications 


Cloud Native Application Development and Automation Workshop


Helping your business take advantage of the technology behind cloud-native applications will increase development speed and deployment flexibility. The conversation during this session will undoubtedly focus on the container and microservices technologies as well as practices such as agile, DevOps and Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD) to cover the aspects of:

  • Accelerated application delivery
    • The rapid build and release of new functionality
    • Promoting application which as-yet are not cloud or mobile-ready
    • Addressing the balance across disparate environments
  • A desire for greater automation
  • Delivering consistency, compliance & governance over hybrid environments
  • The migration to DevOps

Questions? We'll answer those for you.