Jeff Hough


COVID-19 is a once in a generation challenge on our healthcare system. What I love seeing is the creativity and resourcefulness coming from providers, payers, and partners across the industry to address the big issues like equipment planning, employee protection, adoption of telehealth, and capacity planning.

While great steps are being taken to prepare and protect patients, there are still many challenges that must be overcome and one of the most difficult is balancing increased expenditure with decreased revenues.

Equipment leasing and rentals are two financial vehicles that balance expenditure with revenue, and they may be more useful than ever in the current financial and census environment. Capital expenditure has increased dramatically as the demand for COVID-19 related equipment has increased. Most of these expenditures were unbudgeted and unplanned putting at risk future projects that may support future projects and normal operations.

This is where an equipment lease, or rental is beneficial. With no capital outlay there is no spike in expenditure and the expense is spread over time. Because equipment leases and rentals have an end of term option to return, purchase, or extend the lease, you as the provider have the ability to right-size your equipment utilization based on need.

Meridian Leasing is here to help all of your equipment needs and to keep future projects on track. Benefits of a lease from Meridian include:

  • Rentals and lease terms from 9 to 60 months
  • Lease deferral options up to 90 days
  • No down payment or capital outlay
  • Transparent and straightforward leasing terms

Call +1 (888) 684-3644 or send an email to to learn more about the advantage of leasing on your revenue cycle and how we can assist during this uncertain time.