The Client

Lafayette General Health is Acadiana’s largest non-profit, community-owned regional health system committed to always delivering excellence. The system has over 4,000 employees, serving the south-central region of Louisiana by aligning with facilities across Acadiana.


Business Impact

The flexibility of Meridian’s lease documentation allows LGH Lafayette General Hospital to make decisions based on their changing needs both financially and strategically. Lafayette was able to combine multiple tier-one manufacturers across multiple modalities onto a single lease schedule, freeing them from having to choose a single manufacturer for their needs. This has greatly reduced the administrative burden of having to manage multiple vendors and lease schedules and allows them to procure the most cost-effective equipment options. By having access to refurbished beds that meet OEM standards for performance and quality, Lafayette was able to improve patient satisfaction scores, meet their patient safety goals, increase their clinician satisfaction, and maximize reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid. By leveraging Meridian’s expertise and guidance every step of the way, Lafayette can focus on their mission to restore, maintain, and improve health.

Other vendors that I have used, don't have a healthcare expertise. With Meridian there is some subject matter expert there.

Brook Migues

Director of Surgical Services, University Hospital and Clinics

The Challenges

Across Lafayette’s network of hospitals and clinics, the team struggled with being able to cost-effectively standardize their equipment across all their facilities. Managing their equipment through multiple equipment and finance vendors had taken a toll on the system both financially and in the way of patient and staff satisfaction. Upgrades were not happening as quickly as they needed to, resulting in costly purchases to make up for the lack of a disciplined refresh cycle.

With staff and patient safety issues on the rise, Lafayette needed a partner to help them create consistency with how they acquired their equipment and someone to provide a consultative approach to lowering their medical equipment costs.

How Meridian Helped

In response to frustration by patients, nurses and hospital staff, Lafayette partnered with Meridian Leasing to implement a new equipment acquisition process. With Meridian’s expertise and experience in the healthcare industry, Lafayette gained a partner who not only provides access to cost-effective refurbished medical equipment, but also advice and guidance in helping to select equipment that best meets their patient’s and clinician’s needs. Meridian provided refurbished beds, scopes, and access to a full suite of finance and lease options throughout Lafayette’s network of hospitals and clinics.

MRIs and CTs are very costly pieces of equipment but are needed now. Having Meridian as a partner and having access to their price benchmarking allows us to budget and spread the dollars throughout the system.

April Walters

Contract Coordinator

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