The Client

The recovery from natural disasters has grown more complex and, in response, Envista Forensics has associates located around the globe to provide assurance and comprehensive services no matter the type of loss or location of the disaster. Envista is a global, multi-disciplinary, and highly-skilled forensic engineering partner trusted by insurance claims and consultants. With over 300 professionals located in 30 offices on four continents, the Envista teams are industry leaders committed to providing the best possible service, vast experience, thought leadership, and certainty in an uncertain world.

Reduction in Maintenance Hours
Multi-Year Contract Savings
Innovative 3D Mapping Technologies

Business Impact

Meridian’s hands-on approach has reduced Envista’s Commvault maintenance time by 90% and greatly improved confidence against the threat of catastrophic events. Time spent maintaining backups has been reduced from 20 hours a week to two hours a week, and scheduled downtime has been virtually eliminated. Meridian enabled a cost-effective business continuity strategy so Envista had a scalable and reliable solution to execute for the future. With significant resources uncovered from MACO (Maintenance, Asset, And Contract Optimization), Envista Forensics has been able to reinvest the capital to fund innovation projects, such as its drone program to take footage of disaster areas and help its clients understand the extent of the damage.

Previous to Meridian, we would be spending a lot of time on our Commvault environment, up to 20 hours a week, working through support issues, maintenance, and optimizations. Now that we have moved over to leveraging Meridian for Commvault professional services, that’s gone down to around two hours.

Paul Slager

Vice President of Technology

The Challenges

Managing large amounts of data and guaranteeing privacy was a constant challenge for Envista’s technology team; the team was spending 20 plus hours a week maintaining its Commvault environment. Envista risked dangerous security vulnerabilities and significant downtime, which affected key business applications and productivity. Most importantly, it was no longer able to stay true to its mission of delivering certainty when its clients needed it the most.

How Meridian Helped

Envista selected Meridian for a collaborative and proactive approach to managing IT as a strategic platform. Meridian equipped Envista with brilliant humans to understand its IT environment and provide expert advice on solutions designed specifically with its business in mind. Meridian’s monitoring and management helped effectively diagnose backup issues and stabilize its IT environment.

Additionally, Meridian’s team helped Envista optimize and right-size its IT footprint through a process called MACO (Maintenance, Asset, and Contract Optimization). Meridian extracted operational costs by analyzing Envista’s maintenance contracts line-by-line to determine and eliminate coverage on products that were no longer in use. Meridian consolidated products and coverage into a single, longer-term contract which allowed Envista to save a significant amount of money.

One of the ways that Meridian was able to help us out financially was by walking us through our maintenance contract, taking a look at things line by line. We found that we were paying for a lot of things that we were not using anymore. We had significant cost savings by going with Meridian.

Paul Slager

Vice President of Technology

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