The Client

Atlantic Tool & Die was founded in 1937 by four European immigrants with a dream. From modest beginnings as a small tool shop in Ohio, to becoming one of the forefront metal stamping providers in the world, ATD’s presence has expanded to numerous locations across the nation and the world. Their mission, to exceed their customer’s expectations in every aspect, has become a cornerstone in their company and has spurred their growth throughout the past 80 years.

Square Feet of Facilities
Reduction in Costs When Buying Refurbished Forklifts

Business Impact 

Meridian’s lease program has made it simple for ATD to order, receive, and implement equipment when they need to refresh equipment. Meridian’s refurbished equipment offering allowed ATD to replace their entire warehouse equipment for half of the cost. ATD has significantly reduced its spending on IT and forklifts because of Meridian’s options and expertise. They now have access to modern technology so they can deliver an incredible customer experience.

Meridian is so much more than a leasing company.

Eric Kress

Chief Information Officer

The Challenges

Since opening its doors in 1979, the once privately held company has completed numerous acquisitions and is now public. In order to keep up with the rapid rate of growth while demonstrating business continuity, Quad needed an IT environment that was secure and could scale with its ever-changing needs.

Starting back with the founder in 1971, Quad would seek to find a better way to do things, often through technology. As Quad grows and continues to innovate, it is extremely important that it has access to a wide range of technology solutions that help it remain agile and responsive to its business needs as well as its customers’ needs. Quad wasn’t looking for a vendor; it was looking for a strategic partner that could design solutions to support the future of its company, regardless of technology or manufacturer.

How Meridian Helped

Meridian was instrumental in architecting a refresh program, giving guidance on technology and financing options, and negotiating with ATD’s suppliers to get the equipment for the lowest possible price.


Meridian visited each of ATD’s facilities to fully understand the challenges they were facing and the objectives they were trying to accomplish. Meridian presented ATD with multiple solutions to control costs; one of which using refurbished forklifts instead of new ones.

Working with Meridian has been refreshing and their expertise and services are the reasons we value our partnership with Meridian. Meridian brings true value to the table as a leasing partner.

Erik Kress

Chief Information Officer

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