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Many companies know that Information Security is important, but very few take all the necessary measures to ensure that they are protected. With threats evolving not by the year but by the hour, it is a daunting task to design, implement, and run a comprehensive security solution for your business. As a result, organizations ranging from local mom and pop stores to multinational conglomerates have flaws in their security plans, putting their critical data at risk. Complicating matters is the extraordinary variety of security options available. Taking on the stormy seas of the information security landscape without an experienced guide is a recipe for disaster. You can rest assured, however; nobody must take on this challenge alone as managed security service providers exist specifically to help organizations of all sizes with their security initiatives.

What is an MSSP?

An MSSP, or a managed security service provider, is a company that provides security solutions as managed services. They do not simply hand over a software license, but instead actively work with their clients to provide real-time, up-to-date security solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Services provided by an MSSP typically include managed firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, security policy creation, and anti-virus services. MSSPs provide 24/7 managed services intended to reduce the number of operational security employees an organization needs to hire, train, and retain to maintain a comprehensive security posture.

The Benefits of Using an MSSP:

  1. Skill and Experience: While most IT employees have a general grasp on security and can implement some form of a security solution, their primary role in the organization is not focused on security. By employing a managed security provider, you benefit from dedicated security experts who are immersed in the world of digital security and do not need to split their energy between other IT tasks. Instead, an MSSP focuses entirely on ensuring that their customer’s organizations are secure, as well as developing and providing solutions to the latest threats. Sophisticated Managed IT security services provide advanced solutions that utilize well-tested and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, for the ultimate threat detection.
  2. Cost Savings: At first, it may seem like paying a third party to manage your security rather than doing it in-house would actually increase your costs. However, when it comes to managed it security services, the opposite is true. Security software and hardware solutions, especially those that involve real-time monitoring and frequent updates to handle the latest threats, are expensive. Purchasing licenses and running systems in-house requires not only paying for the system but also for the staff to operate them. In many cases, this task will be assigned to an existing IT employee, resulting in a heavy workload for that individual and a lower quality of security. Alternatively, a dedicated staff member may be hired at a steep rate despite only having a light workload. A managed security service provider saves enterprises the upfront costs in technology and provides predictable monthly costs.
  3. Resources: Managed security service providers have access to far more security resources than all but the largest organizations. With a complete focus on security, MSSPs are several steps ahead in the security realm and are able to react to and prevent new attacks long before normal commercial security software providers can. An attack can also occur on a weekend or holiday, and, with in-house security, IT staff would not be on hand to react to the threat, resulting in severe consequences. Managed security services will provide real-time monitoring and 24/7 response so any threat can be found, identified, and defeated no matter the time of day.

As discussed in the previous points, MSSPs can provide better security solutions than an in-house system. By leveraging their expertise, resources, and unique connections, the services they can provide are leaps and bounds beyond other solution options. Whether it is the latest knowledge of new attacks or real-time monitoring keeping your organization safe at all times, there simply is no better alternative to a properly designed comprehensive security solution provided by a trusted MSSP. Give the team at Meridian a call and our dedicated experts will find the perfect solution for your needs. Call +1 (888) 684-3644 or email today.