Michelle Fuller


Every business has its challenges; understanding how to consistently and best serve customers can feel like an uphill battle but is crucial to every organization’s success. Ensuring access to critical business applications during a disaster will set your business apart from the rest when others cannot satisfy the customer needs, while you are equipped to do so. As a result, reliable and consistent uptime directly impacts productivity and revenue. The consequences of downtime can truly harm the everyday tasks of your company.

Although disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) are closely related and often mistaken as identical solutions, they are not the same. Technically speaking, BC is a solution that allows an enterprise to function effectively 24/7/365, even in the event of a total disaster, whereas a DR solution serves as a subset of business continuity that recovers and restores the loss of data, servers, applications, and operating systems after a disaster has been declared or downtime has been incurred. Though downtime is unpredictable, having a business continuity plan in place, including DRaaS, will ensure your business can continuously deliver products and services.

Commvault disaster recovery solution allows for the total coverage of your data that supports business continuity in the long run. With the help of Meridian’s Commvault managed services, you can benefit from consistent and efficient replication of data that will achieve a full recovery and reduce or eliminate your downtime. Commvault MSP will additionally reduce your overall expenses by consolidating your technologies into a single point of management contact.

To mitigate risks, being prepared is critical. With this around-the-clock uptime provided by Commvault disaster recovery and a business continuity plan from Meridian, companies can grow their profitability and take care of their clients. Some of the major benefits of implementing a business continuity plan include:

1. Less Downtime

Time is money and wasting time could have a detrimental financial outcome when it comes to any amount of downtime. With this downtime, your company could experience a loss in productivity. Online services and communication can completely shut down for the amount of time that your system is down, leaving your personnel without being able to work and service customers. Even if the service lost was in a single part of your business, it will most likely impact other parts of the business as well. The Vice President of Technology at Envista said, “Previous to Meridian IT, we would be spending a lot of time on our Commvault environment. Up to 20 hours a week we were just working through support issues, maintenance, and break-fix issues. Now that we’ve moved over to leveraging Meridian IT for Commvault services, that’s gone down to around two hours a week.” Meridian’s Commvault maintenance engineers will monitor your enterprise cloud backup environment to ensure your data and applications are being backed up so you are ready to recover from a disaster.

2. Work and Recover in Remote Locations

If a natural disaster occurs, your physical office space could be destroyed. If a tree falls on your power and utility lines during a storm, your essential business functions could be out of commission. Commvault support from Meridian allows for a cloud-based recovery solution that provides coverage for backups, replication, and snapshots of your data. Commvault disaster-recovery-as-a-service cloud services allow your employees to work anywhere at any time to keep your business fully operational.

3. Provide for Your Customers

For customers, it is vital to ensure the technology they use in their day to day use of your products and services, always functions as intended. Customer relationships are key to the success of all companies. Imagine you are a customer that is consistently facing service outages – if it is difficult to utilize a product or service, you are likely going to make a change to a service that will better fulfill your needs. With reliable uptime from a Commvault MSP, you can deliver consistently so customers are happy and keep coming back.

Commvault disaster recovery is a key component to a business continuity plan by protecting tangible and intangible assets. Like all setbacks, accidental damage to computer hardware and software and data loss can happen, whether you are prepared for it or not. Consistent and successful backups cannot be your only solution when these events happen, a business continuity plan is required.

The recovery process, part of the overall business continuity strategy, is constantly becoming more and more complicated due to several ever-evolving components. The always-increasing amount of enterprise data in multiple locations and complex SLA agreements are just a few of the factors that make business continuity a challenge for many companies. Meridian’s Commvault managed service helps companies keep up with the growing complexity that comes with a growing company. Meridian can help you save up to 50% in Commvault licensing costs while providing 100% confidence that your backup solution will be ready when you need it. 

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