Meridian's ViSOC service will deliver a constant watch on the whole business infrastructure, using tools already invested in by the Client or Meridian’s own portfolio of leading tool sets.

The Virtual Security Operations Centre or ViSOC is designed for organisations that require cyber security services but don’t wish to focus their resources on daily security analysis and administration tasks. ViSOC reduces the costs associated with running a multi-level SOC by providing the service at a fixed cost and normally 20% lower than the costs incurred by the Client.


The ViSOC service focuses on delivering reduced ‘mean time to detect’, ‘mean time to react’ and ‘mean time to fix’ service levels. It does this by resourcing the Security Operations Centre with skilled analysts, trained and accredited to deliver cyber security services.


The ViSOC works in conjunction with existing Client teams. The Meridian cyber security team manage the daily security tasks, monitoring and management and only escalate to the Client’s own security team in the event of a direct threat. The ViSOC focus is on protecting the Client’s network and applications from all common attacks such as Phishing, Malware, Password theft and Distributed Denial of Service.


Meridian IT Cyber Security has been providing global Data Centre security services for over 20 years. With Security Operations Centres managing a range of data security services in the UK, USA and Germany, Meridian IT works with the best industry partners to deliver IT security, data protection, compliancy and peace of mind.

Meridian's ViSOC Provides the following benefits:

Address the threat from malicious activity and achieving compliance

Protect your company


Subjecting Your Company to Unnecessary Risks


Living in Fear



ViSOC: Virtual Security Operations Centre

SIEM Monitoring and Reporting

24x7 Monitoring and Analysis

Removing "False" Positives

Threat Identification

Vulnerability Assessments with Formal Reporting

Triage Service

Escalation with Recommendation

Fixed Price Service Paid Quarterly in Advance

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