Meridian’s Flex Capacity Managed Service is designed to deliver the benefits of cloud but for infrastructure that has to remain on-premise.

Not every application can be moved to a cloud platform and not every business wants to move their whole infrastructure to the cloud. But to miss out on the benefits of the cloud such as dynamic resources and consumption-based charging can put a business at a competitive disadvantage.

Based on a world class HPE platform the Flex Capacity Managed Service allows a business to make investments in new technology without the Capital Expenditure and only pay for what the business is consuming.

In addition, the Flex Capacity Managed Service is under pinned by the technical support of two world class global businesses – The Meridian IT Group ( and HPE.  The combination of the technology and Meridian IT’s service expertise means that whatever size of the implementation it is supported by a trusted partner with a global services capability.

Meridian's Flex-Capacity Provides the Following Benefits:

Digital Transformation White Paper

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Flex Capacity Managed Services

Get the support you need to manage your on-premise infrastructure while benefiting from the cloud.


Stressing Over Architecting, Securing, and Managing Your Environment


Outdated Equipment


Infrastructure Limitations

Scale Benefits

Flex Capacity Managed Service delivers the benefits of being able to scale IT resource up or down as the business requires just like a public cloud service even though the infrastructure is on-premise. And the charges are based on what is being consumed. So there is no need to pay for ‘over capacity’ and no need for Capital Expenditure. So critical workloads can still reside on-premise but without putting the business at a competitive disadvantage. Meridian IT adds the ability to further scale out by managing direct access to private cloud or public cloud services such as Azure and AWS or Meridian IT’s own highly secure infrastructure platforms.

Multi Cloud Management

Business demands the best of both worlds and this inevitably means that IT must manage data across multiple clouds. The Flex Capacity Managed Service allows a business to optimise the whole infrastructure – by balancing IT resources so that each application or deployment of applications uses the appropriate infrastructure platform whether it be on-premise, or in a private or public cloud environment.

Freedom of Choice

Meridian IT’s Flex Capacity Managed Service Built around HPE technology the Flex Capacity Managed Service is made up of 4 elements.

Flex Capacity

A scalable infrastructure service that allows scalability as and when needed, with a consumption metered charge. Management control is made simple through a consumption analytics portal. Charges are transparent so easy to forecast and budget.

HPE Pointnext

Allows users to choose infrastructure based on their environment. Pointnext experts from Meridian IT and HPE design, implement and help manage the solution.

Self Service Dashboard

A self-serve dashboard which allows users to purchase, manage and optimise their IT all in one place.

Meridian IT Managed Services

Your trusted IT solutions and services partner that can provide a range of Consultancy and support service options such as a Disaster Recovery as a Service, 24 x 7 remote monitoring and management services, Data security solutions and cyber security

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