Andy Haley


For IT leaders today, new challenges are emerging from every direction. In a post-COVID pandemic world, there has never been more pressure on the business to be agile, as markets fluctuate between compression and growth.

To provide this agility, the supporting technology must be able to deliver whatever the business needs. Business stakeholders expect IT to accelerate time to deployment while also improving service availability. Meanwhile, finance is pushing the IT team to find savings everywhere—from reducing power consumption and data centre rack-space to introducing automation and cutting maintenance costs.

In addition, technical debt is becoming a real problem: as an older generation of engineers reaches retirement, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to plug the skills gap and keep legacy systems running reliably.

Moving from On-Premise Servers

If you are still running servers on-premises at your own data centre, you’re playing the game on “hard mode”. If you’re locked into the traditional server refresh cycle, you’re committed to making significant CAPEX payments every three to five years. In addition to the expense, there is also the risk of operational disruption when you swap out your existing servers and migrate to the new hardware.

Moreover, unless your future capacity projections are bang-on, there is always the risk that you overspend on server resources that you never end up using. Or, just as bad, you find you have underestimated your requirements and have to purchase extra hardware to cope with rapidly expanding processor-hungry application workloads.

And even if you upgrade to the most advanced servers on the market, you still face the prospect of handling all the tricky server maintenance, management, and configuration tasks yourself. While the IBM Power Systems provides a huge range of sophisticated tools to automate this work, you still need the right people with the right skills to get the most out of the platform—and people with those skillsets can be hard to find.

Seizing the Cloud Advantage

If these sound-like familiar headaches, then switching to cloud-based infrastructure can provide an effective remedy. The Meridian Power Cloud instantly frees you from the hardware procurement cycle: we will take care of purchasing, configuring, and maintaining the servers either here in the UK, or in one of our international data centres, or both, depending on your requirements.
The Meridian Power Cloud also removes many of the software headaches that have made it difficult for companies to migrate applications to the cloud in the past. We take advantage of technology from Skytap to help you port Power workloads to the cloud without rewriting the code—creating a quick path to cloud at a lower cost.

Moreover, with the Meridian Power Cloud, there are no upfront costs. Instead, you benefit from a pay-as-you-go utility pricing structure, so you only get billed for the server resources that you actually consume. If your applications require additional compute power, the server capacity is ready and waiting for you. Equally, if you find your workloads shrinking, you can easy scale down your usage.
Since your costs are tied to your consumption, there is no need to worry about paying for overprovisioned servers that sit idle. And as you no longer have to power, cool and maintain physical servers at your data centre, the Meridian Power Cloud will help you to achieve valuable electricity and floorspace savings.

At Meridian, we operate one of the largest and most geographically distributed IBM Power Systems deployments in the world—and among the UK’s IBM Platinum Business Partner, we’re widely recognised for our skills in handling management, upgrades, development and security for the Power Systems platform. With our managed services team in your corner, you no longer have to dedicate hours to keeping the lights on, so your team will have more time to focus on valuable high-level strategic tasks.

Embrace a more flexible, agile approach to infrastructure procurement today with pay-as-you-go consumption-based pricing and easy application migration with Skytap on the Meridian Power Cloud. Our team are ready and willing to discuss your unique requirements, and to map a deployment plan.  If you have any questions, the experts at Meridian are here to help. For more information contact our experts by phone at +01564 330650 or send an email to for more details.