Services for IT Professionals

As technology becomes an even more critical driving force for the modern organization, executives need to invest in technology that creates value, drives results, and maximizes returns. Meridian combines Technology and IT finance to help you consume and adopt technology in a way that delivers the best outcome for your business.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    A flexible consumption model enables you to pay only for the services you need while optimizing your technology budget.

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  • Leasing

    Fixed payment schedules and low monthly payments to conserve cash flow and lower your operating expenses.

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  • Sale-Leaseback

    Sell your equipment and then lease it back so you have cash on hand to operate your business and invest in critical projects.

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Choose the best consumption model for your business

By the Numbers

  • 90%

    savings when switching from new to refurbished IT equipment.

  • 20%

    of CFOs are expecting technology investments to help with cost reduction.

  • 50%

    of CIOs report having already slashed IT budgets, while 80% are under pressure to further reduce spend.

  • 20%

    Data center modernization can result in cost savings of 20% of your data center budget.


Lower your technology costs

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