Conserve cash flow through fixed payment schedules and low monthly payments when leasing your equipment.

Meridian’s equipment experts work alongside you to help you determine the right equipment for your operational and financial requirements and give you access to the most competitive pricing available with our industry-leading price benchmarking service.

Acquiring equipment through a lease is one of the most financially efficient, flexible, and effective ways for your organization to stay at the top of your industry.


Simplify asset tracking, stay informed, and save time with MCAP

Conserve your capital

Switch to leasing to eliminate large up-front capital expenditures


Excessive Upfront Costs


Outdated Equipment


Falling Behind

Equipment Leasing

Control and conserve cash flow with low fixed monthly payments when leasing equipment for your business through Meridian. Meridian is the leading independent equipment leasing company and our services are backed by flexible terms and tailored leasing and financing programs that will meet your toughest business, technology, and finance challenges.

No Large Cash Outlays

Acquire the equipment you need without significantly affecting your cash flow.

Maintain Steady Cash Flow

Reduce costly surprises and plan confidently when you lease equipment for your business and benefit from fixed, low monthly payments that are spread throughout the lease term.

Transparent Price Benchmarking

Receive the most competitive pricing with Meridian’s industry leading price benchmarking service.

Equipment Experts

Meridian’s equipment experts will guide you through different manufacturers and models to help you select the best equipment for your business.

Flexible End of Lease Options

Flexible end-of-term options allow you to return the equipment, renew the lease, or sign a new lease with upgraded equipment.

Hedge Against Equipment Obsolescence

Stay relevant and upgrade your equipment more consistently to keep up with technological advancements when working with a leasing equipment company.

Save Up to 55%

With Meridian’s certified refurbished equipment, you get the technology you need to operate your business while saving cash that you can invest in other areas of your business.

Expert Maintenance and Support

Ensure your equipment is always up and running with service and maintenance that can be included in your payment.

Equipment Setup and Delivery

Equipment will be delivered and installed by an expert who will ensure everything is in perfect working order.

Flexible Payment Schedules

Flexible payment schedules and negotiable terms can be customized to match your financial requirements.

Simplified Administration

Getting your application approved is quick and painless.

Structured Just for You

Meridian’s equipment leasing and finance experts listen to you first and then structure a strategy that works best for your needs.

Asset Management

The Meridian Client Access Portal (MCAP) is Meridian’s intuitive web-based portal that allows you to easily manage your equipment. View and track all your equipment and lease schedules using a single tool.

View All of Your Equipment

Secure, on-demand access to all your leases and equipment from one convenient portal.

Proactive Notifications

Never miss an important date with proactive notifications for upcoming lease maturity dates and equipment return dates.

Customizable Reporting

Powerful and customizable reporting details your leased assets by location, user, term, and type of lease.

Manage Renewal Requests

Create renewal and buyout requests as well as manage returns, relocations, and upgrades.

Built Just for You

Meridian’s consultative approach means that we listen to you first and then we create financial solutions that best meet your needs.

Questions? We'll answer those for you.