Terex Trucks, based in Motherwell, Scotland has almost 70 years of experience producing powerful, dependable, articulated dump trucks. Since Terex’s sole focus is on articulated trucks, they have been able to produce solid, dependable machines that increase productivity and uptime to boost return on investment. The largest Terex articulated dump truck is the Terex TA400, known for its ability to transport enormous loads across the toughest terrains. This blog post will uncover the main features of the Terex TA400 articulated dump truck.

Main Features of the Terex TA400

The Terex TA400 offers better performance, lower operating costs, more uptime, and increased safety.

1. Better Performance

These high-performance articulated trucks are built with operator comfort and productivity in mind. They can haul enormous loads with excellent tire traction due to their all-wheel drive and equalizing rear suspension, which leads to higher fuel efficiency and less tire wear. The Terex TA400 is constructed with drive-train calibration and a perfect power balance which leads to industry-leading worksite performance.

2. Lower Operating Costs

The Terex TA400 has a lower cost of operation achieved through the TA400’s efficient engines that meet US Tier-4F compliance without a diesel particulate filter leading to lower service and fuel costs. These Terex haul trucks use something called Haul Track Telematics, which allows operators to manage their performance remotely and take operating costs into their own hands. With Haul Track telematics you get access detailed data to drive your operating decisions including machine hours worked, engine speed and idle time, fuel consumed, and machine location. Additionally, Terex only uses factory-approved Terex Truck parts to make sure each part is reliable to help decrease replacement costs.

3. More Uptime

Terex Dump Trucks offer onboard diagnostics which allows operators to quickly make decisions and reduce downtime. The easy access points through the tilting cab and electronically raised hood allow technicians to perform routine maintenance in less time and therefore charge less for their services. The Terex TA400 transmission can be used for 6,000 hours before an oil change, so the dump trucks can stay up and running longer. Terex also offers readily available factory-approved parts with a 2 year/6,000 hours warranty.

4. Increased Safety

Terex articulated dump trucks provide complete control and safety through efficient exhaust brakes and fully contained multi-plate, oil-cooled, sealed brakes for all six wheels. Each truck also has headlamp pods to brighten worksites when it is dark outside.

Use Cases of the Terex TA400

From arctic to desert conditions, the Terex TA400 operates smoothly in the toughest environments. These articulated trucks are made to perform on large-scale construction, quarries, and mine sites.

A prime example of the trucks’ capabilities in handling extreme conditions is found in a remote coal mine in Siberia, Russia where four Terex TA400 articulated haulers have racked up around 48,000 hours. These articulated dump trucks have been braving extreme conditions and sub-zero temperatures, which have gotten as low as negative 45 degrees Celsius (-49 degrees Fahrenheit). Working up to 22 hours a day, the articulated haulers are transporting coal and overburden. During the winter months, the ground is covered with snow, which means the haulers have to operate on slippery surfaces and navigate steep, icy slopes.

Another example that demonstrates how robust the Terex dump trucks are is a project in a small village in Indonesia, where ten TA400s are eliminating huge amounts of overburden from a coal mine and transporting it across soft terrain. The articulated haulers are being used for up to 18 hours a day during this five-year project.

Terex TA400 vs. TA300

Terex haul trucks have hauling capabilities of 30.9 to 41.9 tons and are trusted worldwide for their reliability, flexibility, and performance. The two models that are available on the market are the TA300 and TA400. In general, contractors will pick the Terex TA400 over the TA300 if their job site has extremely tough terrain or they need to haul larger loads.

TA300 Specifications

  • TA300 Maximum Payload (US tons) 30.9
  • Engine Power kW(hp) 370
  • Heaped Capacity (yd3) 22.9

Over the last couple of years, Terex Trucks has made several upgrades to the TA300. The updated TA300 articulated dump truck has been upgraded with a new transmission, leading to less fuel consumption, better performance, increased productivity, and improved operator comfort. The 30-ton articulated truck delivers a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency, a 3.1 mph increase in speed (to 34 mph), and has increased the duration between oil maintenance intervals from 1,000 to 4,000 hours. The new TA300s come with eight forward gears and four reverse gears, for effortless gear shifting and upgraded levels of operator comfort. The TA300 articulated dump truck also features independent front suspension, even further enhancing operator comfort and also enabling excellent traction control in the most challenging of conditions. These new features allow customers to be more productive, achieve faster cycle times, pay less per ton, and reduce carbon emissions.

TA400 Specifications

  • TA400 Maximum Payload (US tons) 41.9
  • Engine Power kW (hp) 444hp
  • Heaped Capacity (yd3) 30.3

The Terex TA400 is the largest articulated hauler from Terex Trucks. It has a maximum payload of 41.9 tons and a heaped capacity of 30.3 yd³. Its engine is high-powered and fuel-efficient and produces a gross power of 444 hp. The Terex TA400 is designed for the toughest jobs in most extreme conditions such as quarries, mines, and large-scale construction projects. The Terex TA400 comes with a proven Allison transmission with impressive oil maintenance intervals of 6,000 hours. Its steady planetary gear transmission allows effortless gear shifting to optimize fuel-efficiency and a decrease operation costs. This Terex dump truck offers ground-level test points, a fully tilting cab, and an electronically raised hood to ensure ease of service and provide maximum uptime.


When selecting the right articulated dump truck, it is important to consider the unique requirements of your job site. Terex articulated dump trucks are designed to make your job easier. The construction experts at Meridian trust the 2016 Terex TA400 Articulated Dump Truck due to the truck’s unique ability to enhance operations and increase efficiency even in the most extreme conditions. To get a quote today, contact our material handling equipment specialists at +1 (888) 684-3644 or send an email to