Michelle Fuller


IT departments are under increased scrutiny to lower costs and add value. In order to reduce your operational IT expenses, you need to gain full visibility and control of your hardware and software licenses.

At Meridian, we rightsize and optimize your technology footprint to reduce operational costs. Through Maintenance, Asset, and Contract Optimization (MACO) from Meridian, we improve your coverage models, decrease your spending on IBM maintenance, and guide your business on a path to efficiency and scalability. Here are five reasons why you should switch to MACO for your IBM asset management.

1. Consistent Budget

According to Gartner, companies that actively manage their technology achieve 30% cost savings in the first year and an additional 5% in each of the following 5 years. Do you know which hardware and software have been deployed in your organization or how they are being used? Most importantly, do you know how much you are paying for that hardware and software? When it comes to managing your IT investments, it can often feel as if you have little to no control. There are often inconsistencies between a customer’s list of assets that they own and operate compared to the report from the OEM. Our goal at Meridian is to identify those inconsistencies and reconcile the assets that have been decommissioned, are lacking the necessary support, or have been documented incorrectly. MACO is the predictable and reliable method to manage your IT investments by allowing you to gain a holistic view into which precise assets you are using and which have been neglected. With competing priorities, you may not have the time or resources for proper contract management. The Meridian team will take care of the entire IBM asset audit for you and provide you with a plan to reduce your costs.

2. Enhanced Security

With unmanaged technology, you are exposing your IT environment to security risks, compliance issues, and downtime if an unprotected asset fails or is not updated regularly. According to Dave Dawson, Principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP, “If you don’t know what exists in the organization, you’ll have a hard time protecting it.” Without a thoughtful asset management process in place and resources to properly manage the process, a full understanding of all your investments is nearly impossible, and it will be hard to determine which products are covered by maintenance. Meridian will help you determine the most appropriate coverage and contract vehicles for your products to eliminate any compliance issues and protect your investment.

3. Infrastructure Management Strategy

Asset management at many companies is disorganized, often relying on a simple spreadsheet to keep track of all tangible and intangible assets. This is an unreliable method of tracking your investments and can result in items being overlooked and your company paying more than is necessary. With MACO, the experts at Meridian will help you organize your assets into a centralized report so that you have a clear and organized picture of your entire asset profile. We then compare your asset list against the OEM list and identify all discrepancies. Meridian will then work with you to create a plan to rectify any discrepancies, remove outdated hardware, and optimize your contracts to make sure you are only being charged for what you are actually using. Identify and manage risk, produce accurate and detailed audits, and have a clear understanding of your entire technology lifecycle with MACO.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Without a dynamic or comprehensive IT management solution, there is a high probability you are not meeting your internal and external mandatory regulatory compliance standards. Meridian will ensure your database environments are in line with industry standards and best practices, and you are operating at full potential.

5. Consistent Upgrades

Many companies do not have full visibility into all their software licenses. Without this awareness, it is difficult to upgrade to the most up-to-date versions of the software. Often including new features and security patches, software updates are critical to protecting your IT environment from the latest threats. Keep your devices more secure through consistent upgrades with Meridian’s IBM asset performance management.

CIOs are consistently searching for ways to reduce capital expenditures. According to an IDG Research study, 72% of senior IT leaders surveyed indicated that their organizations lacked a solid software management strategy. Hardware and software are significant investments and directly correlate to a business’s profitability. Ensuring optimal performance for your IT investments requires a clear approach. Eliminate uncertainty with your assets, reduce your costs, and gain transparency with MACO. Call +1 (888) 684-3644 or email sales@themeridian.com to speak with a Meridian IBM asset management specialist today.